Beetle Warranty

Volkswagen Beetle extended warranty is a must-have for all Volkswagen Beetle owners. Factory VW Beetle warranty is limited in the scope of coverage and may exclude critical engine and electrical components all together after a certain period of time. Why pay for expensive repair not covered by the original Beetle warranty out-of-pocket? Invest in an extended warranty for Volkswagen Beetle and extend the critical car parts coverage for a long while longer. Volkswagen Beetle extended warranty plans are designed for drivers with brand new vehicles as well as those with pre-owned cars. In fact, extended warranty for Volkswagen Beetle includes many features that any driver would want: 24/7 roadside assistance, 24/7 towing, car rental reimbursement, trip interruption protection, 50-state guaranteed coverage, full warranty policy transferability. To learn more about how Volkswagen Beetle warranty from the manufacturer compares to the custom-designed Volkswagen Beetle extended warranty - keep on reading below.

Factory Beetle Warranty

Standard factory Beetle warranty is included with all new vehicle purchases. For car-specific coverage details, in case of a warranty policy changes, please contact your dealer directly.

  • Mileage Limits: 3 yrs / 36,000 miles (whichever comes first)
  • Drivetrain: 5 yrs / 60,000 miles
  • Free Maintenance: 3 yrs / 36,000 miles
  • Roadside: 3 yrs / 36,000 miles
  • Rust: 5 yrs / 100,000 miles
  • Cost: Usually included with a purchase

VW Beetle Extended Warranty

Minimum features and benefits of Volkswagen Beetle extended warranty plans are listed below. Get a free Beetle extended warranty quote to learn about additional benefits.

  • Mileage Limits: 5 yrs / 100,000 miles (whichever comes first)
  • Drivetrain: 5 yrs / 100,000 miles
  • Discounted Maintenance: 5 yrs / 100,000 miles
  • Roadside: 5 yrs / 100,000 miles
  • Electrical components: 5 yrs / 100,000 miles
  • Transmission: 5 yrs / 100,000 miles
  • Brakes, A/C: 5 yrs / 100,000 miles
  • Steering, Fuel, Suspension: 5 yrs / 100,000 miles
  • Other extended warranty benefits:
    • Car rental reimbursement
    • Lockout assistance
    • Trip interruption protection
  • BONUS: 50-state coverage
  • BONUS: Fully transferable coverage

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Volkswagen Beetle Recommended Maintenance

There is no charge to receive maintenance under VW's Carefree Maintenance Program for three years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first). Volkswagen recommends that cars receive the following basic services every 5,000 miles:

  • Oil Change
  • Brake fluid

Drivers are advised that the following maintenance services should occur every 10,000 miles:

  • Rotate wheels
  • Transmission check

Volkswagen Beetle is considered a people's car for a good reason. It needs regular maintenance and a good mechanic to last a lifetime. This is where an extended warranty for Beetle fits in. With a Beetle extended warranty you get deep discounts across top national car maintenance chains and, most importantly, you get full repair bill coverage at any licensed repair shop of your choice for breakdowns covered by the extended warranty. Why pay out-of-pocket when you can get an extended warranty for Volkswagen Beetle and have the warranty policy pay the repair bills? That's right. There is no good reason to.

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About Volkswagen Beetle

Of all the cars Volkswagen ever produced, none are as distinctive and as associated with the company as the Beetle. Also known as the "Beetle Bug," it has been in production since 1938, over 21 million Beetles have been produced and it's still in production today as the New Beetle. In mid-1998 the Beetle debuted as a more stylish variation of the front-drive Golf. The updated Beetles have more linear styling than the originals, but haven't lost the Beetle's friendly personality. As a genuinely fun car to drive full of retro cuteness, the Beetle is particularly appealing to women who account for 56% of new Beetle owners.

As a side note, women who own Volkswagen Beetles can rely on a Beetle extended warranty for roadside assistance 24/7 and comprehensive protection of their cars against expensive repairs. Not all parts are covered under a factory Beetle warranty, but you can purchase as much coverage as you need with a dependable Beetle extended warranty.

The car was originally named the "Type 1," or "The People's Car," and it was not called Bug or Beetle until given those nicknames by the public. Once the nicknames were firmly stuck in the public's mind, Volkswagen formally adopted the Beetle's far-cuter nicknames as model names. The car became famous for other qualities besides its iconic design: Thanks to the Beetle's sealed floor pans and watertight construction it was able to float on water, and Beetles have been featured in many motion pictures - including a Disney series named for it.

Generations of compact and economy cars owe a debt to the construction and styling of the Volkswagen Beetle, a trailblazer in this model segment, and Volkswagen began importing the cars to the United States in 1949. The 2010 Beetle has a standard five-speed manual transmission and a 2.5 liter five-cylinder engine that achieves 150 horsepower. A six-speed automatic transmission is optional, and gas mileage is 20/28 using either transmission type.

The Beetle's interior is high on quality, although a bit short on space. Because the Beetle is well known for its large, impressive dashboard, seating room is reduced due to the large dash. Other standard interior features include heated front seats (rare for a vehicle of its class), Sirius Satellite Radio, and V-Tex leatherette seat trim, steering wheel and shift knob. The vehicle's unique design and upscale trim make the Beetle a stylish city car to drive with upscale features found in more expensive cars.

The Beetle's high quality trim may not be covered under factory Beetle warranty. Review the warranty coverage comparison above and learn about comprehensive coverage of a Volkswagen Beetle extended warranty.

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